Thursday, August 23, 2007


Hello World Wide Web. Welcome to my Logbook. In this BLog, I hope to chronicle my adventures as I travel around the world. That, at least, is the ultimate plan. For now, it will be a record of my time in Hong Kong, where I will be living for the next nine months.

Having graduated university in the fall, I decided to travel to Asia and spend a year teaching English. I was fortunate enough to land a place with a respectable organisation in Hong Kong, that focuses on improving the oral communication skills of young English-learners. From the beginning of September till the end of May, I will be working in a high school, teaching English to local teenagers. I hope that during this time I will acquire work skills, improve my abilities as an English teacher, and learn something about Hong Kong culture.

This BLog has been created as an easy way to keep family, friends, and random acquaintances updated on the work, sight-seeing, and day-to-day living I do while I am here. I know my time in Hong Kong will be an edifying experience for me. I hope that reading this BLog proves to be one for you too.


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den said...

Hi, Jennifer so happy to hear from you. Your very close to receive a friend up there. You make it so
interesting in your travel that I was ready to go explore with you.

Please keep us posted in your daily
travel and teaching........

A big Hello from the "Shoppers Team".. Send picture. God Bless....
Denise and family..........